28 February 2019

month in review | february

February was a very cold and snowy month this year. 

Mom and Barb came to visit the first weekend of February and we played tourists showing Barb around Victoria since she hasn't visited in years. We had a really fun visit and these face masks were one of the highlights since we were all laughing so hard at how ridiculous they are.

After dropping Mom and Barb off at the ferry on Sunday, I headed towards Moses Point for my usual weekend beach hang. I stopped at this little produce stand on the way there and picked up a big bunch of kale and a cabbage. These produce stands are all over the peninsula, especially in the spring and summer, and are one of my favourite things about where I live.

This was a cold, cold day at Moses Point, but I had the beach to myself and it felt good to breathe in the frosty winter air. It even started to snow a little when I was there!

After the beach I went hiking on Horth Hill in search of higher grounds, hoping that there would be more snow up there. The snow ended up stopping partway through my hike, but once again, I had the trails to myself and enjoyed the silent solitude of nature.

Winter sunsets are somewhat of a rarity when you live on the gloomy west coast, so I always make sure to take a snapshot when the sky puts on a show. 

All of the photos above are from a major snowstorm that hit Victoria in mid-February. We don't get much snow here on Vancouver Island, but this year we got a big old dump of it over the span of 3-4 days. We ended up with over 2 feet by the end of it, and I had to miss three days of work since the busses had stopped running and I couldn't get my car off of our street since they never plow it. It started out super fun, but by the end of it, Madi and I were going a little stir-crazy being stuck at home for so long. It was quite the adventure though, and we made a lot of fun memories walking to the store for groceries and supplies, sledding on garbage bags down the trails in Centennial Park, and digging out our vehicles and going for a big long drive to appreciate the beauty of a snow covered city.

Some Olive cuteness from February.

Sunrise scenes on my morning commute to work.

Overall, February was a pretty good month! It went by soooo fast, which I guess is understandable since it's only 28 days long, but it feels like every month flies by faster than the one before and I just don't know what to do about it!

31 January 2019

month in review | january

January was a really beautiful month. Just like last year, I took the month off of social media to start 2019 off right. This will probably be something I do every year going forward. It's the perfect way to unwind and clear my brain from all the chaos that comes with the Christmas season, and I really enjoy the peace that it brings.

Sunset scenes from a peaceful night at Sidney Pier.

I made an itty bitty baby daisy chain for the youngest babe I nanny while we were playing at the park one morning. January was pretty warm and nice weather-wise and I thought for sure we'd be getting an early Spring this year but the polar vortex and giant dumping of snow that moved in in February proved me wrong.

Finally got around to hanging art and decorating my room again after painting it before Christmas.

The most beautiful night at Beacon Hill Park with Maggie.

I think this was a sunrise on my way to work. The only perk of shorter days is being able to witness more sunrises and sunsets driving to/from work.

Carrie, the dog of one of the family's I nanny for, at Willows Beach one sunny day at work. We come to this beach at least once a week now because it's everybody's happy place.

Olive being cute as heck on Madi's bed.

 More sunset scenes.

Walking the breakwater at Ogden Point.

Willows Beach, once again, with my nanny babies. So grateful for a job that I love- especially for the amount of time it allows me to spend outdoors. My job rarely feels like work and I feel so lucky.

Olive wedging herself between me and my laptop, begging for attention. She's just so neglected! ;)

Cheyenne and Peyton's wedding on the mainland at the beginning of the month. It was my first time being a bridesmaid and we had such a good time. The last picture was a joke for the photo- although I'm not gonna lie, I did manage to finish that bottle of wine!

Music Bingo at the Bleue for Jessie's birthday.

Two of my favourite places on a sunny day- Moses Point and the clearing in the woods by my house that I go to from time to time to get some air.