07 June 2019

month in review | march

I always look forward to March as the light at the end of a tunnel after a long winter, and this year I was looking forward to it even more as I had a trip to California booked!

My first flight of the day set off bright and early and we rose up into the air along with the sun. I'm such a sunrise/sunset enthusiast as is, but sunrises and sunsets from the sky just can't be beat!

Flying into San Francisco, where I had a short layover before my next flight to LAX.

Two flights, a bus, train, and car ride later, and I finally made it to my destination of Big Bear Lake in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains. This was my 3rd or 4th time visiting Big Bear and it has become one of my favourite destinations. Although I've been a few times before, this was my first time visiting while there was snow on the ground, so I was excited to see all that this Southern California mountain town had to offer!

Murray's Saloon and Eatery is a must visit every trip. It's always a good time with Cowboy Russ and karaoke!

Cute little cabin in the woods I stayed at.

We went to Dank Donuts multiple times over the six days I was there for delicious donuts and stuffed croissants!

Big Bear is a skiing village, and has two different mountains you can hop between throughout the day. I hadn't been skiing for over five years, so I was a little nervous to get back on the slopes, but we ended up having the best day and I didn't even fall once! Something I'm super proud of since I have always wiped out multiple times in the past. The view of the lake and the mountains from the top of the chairlift were so stunning. I hope to get out skiing a whole lot more in the future!

After a beautiful six days of the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation, it was time to head home.

Coming home is just as good as vacation when you live in a place as beautiful as this!

My sweet Olive babe invading my personal space always and forever.

A quick mirror shot when Madi and I realized we were unintentionally matching. We do this often, and I think it's pretty hilarious!

A sunny day at Mount Tolmie.

The Teacup Tree!

A beautiful Sunday at Moses Point.

These beautiful blooms grow near my work every year, and I can't help but pick them. I went on an intense google search to figure out what they are and they're grape hyacinths! They smell and look so sweet!

Some shots of our sweet home in a rare moment of cleanliness.

March was a lovely month from start to finish!