30 March 2017

the watkins

 photo IMG_9071_zpsywcb6xoe.jpg photo b55412f1-0eb7-4b33-bb6c-d1ecdccb0acb_zpszonrksbn.jpg photo fa454451-a2b3-4644-9f7d-f051268bf186_zpsporzc9ec.jpg photo IMG_9007_zpsdlnxnool.jpg photo 0a618593-fa69-4549-878e-75ca1b8f0e5a_zpsvsvrva7c.jpg  photo IMG_9110_zps1oe5nfp5.jpg photo IMG_9030_zpsmsyv6fpt.jpg photo e9ed47bf-8472-43f7-be5a-70f6210805c6_zpsrszzxjye.jpg photo 95374ac5-168e-4c4b-a006-fc0aa11158c9_zpsvuk2q8rc.jpg photo 78fef555-9359-418e-bc58-de6ad8df26d4_zps5axuzbil.jpg photo IMG_9140_zpsbqivq9a8.jpg photo beb8a713-f6d9-4db9-b7d2-801734372542_zpsdl9ti7xf.jpg photo IMG_9179_zpsfy6yzdbx.jpg photo 0eb73a09-d64c-46b4-afa6-b1f144af74a0_zpsfppefihq.jpg

A couple of weeks ago now, I was asked by my cousin and his wife to do some family/maternity photos for them, and of course I said yes! They're expecting their second daughter at the end of May, and I'm so excited to meet the newest member of the family! We went into the woods around Royal Roads University, and lucked out with a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. It rains pretty much nonstop this time of year on the west coast, so we were so happy for nice weather.

I forgot how hard it is to take pictures of little kids, and Arabella was running wild for most of the shoot, but we managed to get her to sit still and smile for a couple shots, and I'm so happy with how they turned out. Not to mention those last two photos. We had the hardest time trying to convince her to hug/kiss her momma's belly. She finally gave in and as she put her little hands onto her mom's belly, the baby kicked, resulting in the sweetest reaction from Arabella.

Taking these photos really got my creative juices flowing again. Hopefully this is just the beginning of many more photoshoots to come!

29 March 2017

vancouver christmas market

Way back in December, before Christmas, Madi, Jessie, Laura, and I moseyed on over to Vancouver for a cute little Christmas day trip in the city. The main event we had planned was visiting the Vancouver Christmas Market, which was the cutest little Christmas market down by the water that reminded me so much of the christkindlmarkt that I visited in Vienna in 2013. We wandered around the market, drank hot apple cider, snacked on some churros and went for a ride on the carousel. It was such a sweet experience.

 photo IMG_8366_zps5sda2gt2.jpg  photo a49bb8ce-faf8-493e-a1ce-48b6e10371ac_zpsdh2zgsru.jpg  photo e6d30001-0e67-4e65-86dc-d7c4d8b2f703_zpsqlwj3bc3.jpg  photo IMG_8386_zpsh7xrkarf.jpg  photo IMG_8377_zps03hkqr7e.jpg  photo IMG_8381_zpsu4oejb56.jpg  photo IMG_8382_zpssu3ukico.jpg  photo IMG_8394_zpswsotv1jx.jpg  photo IMG_8385_zpszpm26j3r.jpg  photo 6e49211b-ab12-4a40-b41d-037b6a0bdd7e_zpsvgjv1j5u.jpg

Other highlights from the day included stumbling upon a fantastic little restaurant where everything on the menu costed $4.95. We were pleasantly surprised by the great service, good food, and decent serving sizes for our less than $5 meals.

We also did some shopping, wandering, and day drinking, and really just had an all-around great time.

I love these girls and that city.