18 November 2016

summer in socal

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Way back in February, in the midst of cold weather and funky feelings, I hopped online and booked a summer trip to California for just over $200.

By the time August rolled around, it had been nearly three years since I'd visited my sister, and after working crazy amounts of hours all summer, I was in desperate need of a vacation.

I packed my bag, hopped on the ferry, and started my adventure to the golden state. The feeling of peace I felt on the ferry right over to Vancouver was unforgettable. I stayed outside on the upper deck, warm wind blowing in my face, and enjoyed the sunset as the ferry moved out of the bay and out into the open sea. It was so calm and quiet, and I was beyond excited to finally be out travelling again after a year of staying put.

The majority of this trip was spent exploring new parts of California that I had never been before. We stayed in Big Bear Lake and ventured down to Lake Arrowsmith for a day, and my goodness, that part of the state is so gorgeous in the summer. We rode gondolas up the mountains for remarkable views of the lakes, and whipped down the mountainside on bobsleds. We rented a boat to cruise around Big Bear Lake on my last morning there, and took turns driving around and purposely crashing into waves, wanting to get sprayed to cool off from the warm summer heat. 

Before we headed to the airport for my evening flight, we stopped at Venice Beach for a walk on the boardwalk and to hit up our favourite hole-in-the-wall pizza joint for a slice. We walked down to the water to dip our toes in, but it was so beautiful and inviting that me and my sister ended up crashing around in the waves in our clothes. 

As I was waiting to board my flight in LAX, I was sandy, sun-kissed, and sad to be leaving my sister and this glorious trip behind. 

I think that's the best way I've ever left California- sandy and sun-kissed.

I can't wait to visit again soon. Summer in SoCal is way up there on my list of favourite things.