07 August 2017

camping in tofino

Just about two months ago now, me, three of my best girlfriends, and two cars packed to the brim made the five hour drive up island to the glorious sandy shores of Tofino. We had been planning this camping trip for months and were bursting with excitement that the time had finally come for three days of sun, sand, and relaxation. Well, as much relaxing that you can do while sleeping on the cold hard ground with bear and wolf warnings in the area.

It was a wonderful three days. Tofino is known for it's gloomy, wet weather, but we lucked out and only got a little rained out on the last morning we were there. 

We spent our days pretty leisurely, having drinks on the private beach at the foot our campsite, playing with the frisbee and playing catch on Long Beach, dipping our toes into the freezing cold Pacific, and visiting the infamous Tacofino Mexican food truck for burritos the size of our heads. 

We were originally planning on going surfing while we were there, but after a few too many drinks and waking up with all sorts of aches from sleeping on the ground, we decided against it and ended up wandering around town instead.

It was a pretty rad trip, and we made some good memories. The thing I like about camping is that you're never too sad when the trip comes to an end because you look forward to sleeping in your own bed again so much. And this time was no exception, but I definitely want to make another camping trip before summer's over!

Thank you for the memories, Tofino! Hope to see you again soon!