31 March 2018

month in review | march

Year after year, after long, cold, wet, winters, I find myself looking forward to the arrival of March. It seems to be this gateway month, sort of half winter, half spring. We start to see more sunshine, flowers start to bloom, and everything starts to get greener. It's normally filled with tons of rainy days, too, as to be expected on the west coast, but I'm always happy when March comes around because I know that it's the beginning of the end of winter!

At the beginning of the month I started nannying for a new family a couple of days a week with a two month old baby boy named Charlie. He slept almost all day and I really enjoyed the sweet newborn cuddles!

Madi and I went downtown one sunny Saturday. It was the first time I left the house without a coat and I remember it being chilly, but just warm enough to make me feel giddy about summer days ahead!

It wouldn't be a month in review post without a cute Olive snapshot!

The cherry blossoms started to bloom in March and I remember feeling so genuinely happy on this day, walking around the neighbourhood with baby Charlie in the stroller. Every once in a while I have to pinch myself that this is my job!

Paint Nite with three of my favourite ladies! We had so much fun painting, sipping on wine, and laughing about how ridiculous our paintings were. Somehow they actually turned out pretty decent in the end!

Olive pretending to be one of the plants on my windowsill.

The view from the gate leading into the back yard. See what I mean about half winter, half spring? There was frost on the ground and the garden beds are empty but the sun is shining and the sky is blue! These are some of my favourite mornings in early spring!

My inner alarm woke me up extra early one morning before work and instead of lazing around the house until it was time to leave, I decided to head to Mount Tolmie to take in the views of the city. I was the only one there at 8 am on a Saturday in the otherwise usually overflowing parking lot!

I had a quick weekend visit in Nanaimo to spend some time with friends and family. Maggie and I went to Sebastian Beach and people watched while taking in the scenery.

More morning sunrises on my way to work!

A beautiful beach sunset at Moses Point.

Madi swinging from the scaffolding downtown one evening. Although we live together, we don't hang out near as often as I'd like, so we headed downtown for ice cream and some wandering and we had the best night!

Olive playing hide and seek in Madi's windowsill.

All of these beautiful flowers were blooming near where I work and I couldn't resist picking some to bring home. I had to drive home one-handed since the mason jar didn't fit in the cupholder but it was so worth it! Those hydrangeas filled our whole house with their sweet smell!

I met my friend Natashia and her perfect pup Zara at the beach one evening. We walked and walked and talked and talked forever and it was such a lovely night!

There's a quiet country road near our house that has tons of farms along either side of it. Almost every field was full of daffodils this year and I rerouted so many of my regular routes so I could drive down it as much as possible while the daffodils were in bloom. These photos are from a day that Maggie came to visit. We went and took some photos in the daffodil fields then went for coffee in Deep Cove before heading to Moses Point!

Moses Point later that day, as mentioned above!

I think this was the same day, once Maggie left for home. Madi and I went to the coffee shop around the corner from our house to get a mocha and I was so pleased that the wall matched my outfit!