28 March 2014


I woke up to puffy eyes and a pounding headache this morning -- the result of too little sleep and too many tears last night. It always shocks me how quickly everything can change. When you're happy, you feel invincible, like nothing bad could ever happen again. A few days ago I couldn't think of anything I had to be upset about. I couldn't even think of anything that I would ever be upset about again. And then yesterday happened. 

I don't want to say too much because I'm still not sure what's happened myself. I don't even know what I would say if I was. Everything's changing, and I'm scared. I've never asked for prayers on here before, but they would be really appreciated right about now. 

25 March 2014

spring break

 photo Collage1_zpsa7d10423.jpg  photo IMG_2956_zps409879e0.jpg  photo IMG_2965_zps72341f1f.jpg  photo IMG_2958_zps21d8beed.jpg  photo IMG_2950_zps03e5fb7a.jpg  photo IMG_2972_zpsa62bbd46.jpg  photo IMG_2990_zps112c33db.jpg  photo Collage2_zpsde18f23d.jpg  photo 7_zps17688288.jpg  photo 1_zps9b04a519.jpg  photo IMG_2998_zpsdaf2b9e5.jpg  photo IMG_2999_zpsc851ee22.jpg  photo IMG_3000_zps422550fe.jpg  photo IMG_3023_zps02026a84.jpg  photo IMG_3032_zps157005b4.jpg  photo IMG_3033_zps29be8ebb.jpg  photo IMG_3036_zps87f53dd4.jpg  photo IMG_3043_zps9fd65c4e.jpg  photo IMG_3044_zpse04297a3.jpg  photo IMG_3046_zps7f46b12d.jpg  photo IMG_3049_zpsebd7bd41.jpg  photo IMG_3052_zps0c5925cb.jpg  photo IMG_3075_zps4b5f3b9b.jpg  photo IMG_3080_zps4d8f5e32.jpg  photo IMG_3081_zps6cad141f.jpg  photo IMG_3084_zps4da25b07.jpg

Spring Break has officially come and gone. Like every other major event this year, it had a pretty big sense of finality to it. I don't mind so much, though, because this was probably the best and most productive Spring Break in all my thirteen years of school. Between hanging out with friends, a couple of parties, a trip to the mountain, a St. Pattie's celebration, and a camping trip, I managed to pack a whole lot into such a short week of freedom. Not to mention the three books I read and the amount of sleep I got.

Going back to school this week has been nothing short of exhausting. I'm trying not to complain too much since I'm always talking about how much I'll miss this time when it's gone, but man, those six am wake-up calls are so not my favourite. 

22 March 2014

travel is

"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." - Miriam Beard

18 March 2014

little things, big things, part two

11: What time was I born
5:23 PM, just 23 short minutes after my mom checked into the hospital.

12: Favourite colour
For the longest time, my favourite colour was purple. It wasn't until I realized I was allowed to change it that teal took over.

13: Do I have a crush
At the moment, no.

14: Favourite quote
"She turned her cants into cans and her dreams into plans."

15: Favourite place
This is hard for me. There are so many places I love. Brannen Lake Campground, New York City, Blueback Beach, England, Coombs, California. I like to think that there are little pieces of me in all these places.

16: Favourite food
Pizza, pasta, bread, carbs, carbs, carbs. Who would've guessed!?! Also! Watermelon.

17: Do I use sarcasm
Who, me? Never!

18: What am I listening to right now
Slow It Down by The Lumineers. Words could never do justice to how The Lumineers make me feel.

19: First thing I notice in a new person
Eyes and smiles.

20: Shoe size
Somewhere between seven and nine? Is it possible to be seventeen years old and still be unaware of which exact shoe size you are?

13 March 2014

corbin at six and a half

 photo IMG_2851_zpsa89877b9.jpg  photo IMG_2855_zps71d3fc4c.jpg  photo IMG_2896_zpsa0f3dce3.jpg  photo IMG_2885_zpse10084cb.jpg  photo IMG_2897_zpsed9e6fec.jpg  photo IMG_2898_zps0b7ef8cc.jpg  photo IMG_2905_zpsbcc3c70a.jpg  photo IMG_2916_zps86385e77.jpg  photo IMG_2913_zpscca94536.jpg

This little man is officially six and a half. Just writing that makes me a little bit sad. Six and a half is closer to seven than to six, and seven just sounds so grown up. 

Taking pictures of him is getting harder and harder. I had to bribe him with fifteen minutes of Candy Crush for fifteen minutes of photo-taking for these pictures, and he still couldn't stand still long. 

He's lost six teeth now, number five and six being his two top front teeth that both fell out last week. Losing his two front teeth is a little bittersweet to me. It almost seems like the end of his early childhood, and I really just don't want this little monkey to grow up. 

Having said that, he's learning so much! And while I want him to be little forever, it's really amazing to see the world through his eyes. He's so hungry for knowledge. He's constantly reading, spelling things out, and telling us cool little facts. He still says the funniest things, too. The other day while eating dinner, he said, "we're really lucky that we don't live in a house that's on fire", completely out of nowhere, and had us all in laughter. 

Corbin at six and a half is sweet, kind, and fun. I love this little boy more than words could ever say. 

10 March 2014

little things, big things

1: Name
 Hope Kathleen Turcotte.
2: Age
 Seventeen years and seven months.
3: Three fears
 Dying before I have the chance to live, never being in love, and becoming something I can't control.
4: Three things I love
 The ocean, the way I feel on nights like this, and the beauty of memories.
5: Four turn ons
 Kindness, a good sense of humour, vulnerability, and a sweet smile.
6: Four turn offs
 Rudity, no sense of adventure, vanity, and profanity.
7: My best friends
 There are three. The first, the oldest and longest friendship I've ever had. There isn't a single thing I have to shield from Madi, and no matter where life takes us, it will never take us away from each other. The second, my international best friend. Johanna lives in Austria, and even though we may go months or years without seeing each other, the things that this girl taught me about life are evident in my every day. And the third, last but not last, is a new one. I can't even remember what life was like before Kelsie, and in the short time since we've become friends, she's changed my perpestive and opened my eyes to so many new things that have helped me to grow as a person.
8: My best first date
 Hasn't happened yet. Maybe one day.
9: How tall
 Somewhere around 5'3.5". That ".5" is really important.
10: What do I miss
 What don't I miss would be a much easier question to answer. I miss the way I feel in the fall, I miss all the people that I never get to see, and all of the places I've ever been. I miss the sun and the snow simultaneously, and even though it's not even over yet, I miss grad year more than anything.

06 March 2014

february in photos

 photo IMG_2691_zps9636e1b1.jpg  photo IMG_2705_zpscc115f75.jpg  photo IMG_2711_zpsd86fd5ae.jpg  photo IMG_2715_zpsb0709ea0.jpg  photo IMG_2734_zpsf9c1562e.jpg  photo IMG_2737_zpsdddaa902.jpg  photo IMG_2755_zpsa15c4839.jpg  photo IMG_2756_zpse907e34d.jpg  photo IMG_2772_zpscac6d152.jpg  photo IMG_2782_zps34dfa70b.jpg  photo IMG_2766-2_zpsa3c62c92.jpg  photo IMG_2792_zpsdf226589.jpg  photo IMG_2785_zps462d1759.jpg  photo IMG_2802_zps28bf5330.jpg  photo IMG_2808_zpsfe2a4080.jpg  photo IMG_2821_zps939e1350.jpg  photo IMG_2823_zps39f285b6.jpg  photo IMG_2830_zps39955c68.jpg

We had more snow than we've had in a long, long time last month. It snowed for somewhere around 72 hours straight, which just doesn't happen where we live. Three days and two feet of snow later, and there was some adventuring and photo-taking to be done. 

It's still crazy to me just how quickly these months are flying by. In less than four months, I'll be graduating, and that's insane to think about. I'm crazy excited though. I finally have a little more clarity on what I'll be doing, and even more exciting, where I'll be doing it. 

I wrote a haiku for a creative writing class last semester that went like this;

Life is cool sometimes
Sometimes it is not that cool 
But sometimes it is

I was clearly very proud of it. Life is mostly cool right now.