19 September 2013

last night i photographed

It's been awhile (a very, very long while) since I've picked up my camera to take photos just for the sake of it. It's also been awhile since I've felt like I've been doing anything worthy of photo-taking. But last night, last night I photographed. And it felt good to be creating again.

   photo IMG_0407_zps246a1036.jpg photo IMG_0411_zpsc36d3800.jpg  photo IMG_0402_zps949b5c70.jpg  photo IMG_0401_zpsdce48f2d.jpg  photo IMG_0415_zps95203a1e.jpg  photo IMG_0420_zps0d124ec2.jpg  photo IMG_0421_zpse3afbfe3.jpg  photo IMG_0417_zps7b3beac0.jpg  photo IMG_0426_zps7f314404.jpg  photo IMG_0422_zpse5a81802.jpg  photo IMG_0429_zps38c02112.jpg  photo IMG_0433_zps3df37c1e.jpg  photo IMG_0435_zps06de528c.jpg  photo IMG_0438_zps6641e658.jpg  photo IMG_0437_zps006b95ff.jpg  photo IMG_0440_zps2bd9096d.jpg  photo IMG_0439_zps6bbb263b.jpg  photo IMG_0441_zpsdd7a86e7.jpg  photo IMG_0443_zps85a66853.jpg

Madi and I went to the beautiful and quaint Sidney by the Sea. I haven't seen her in over three months, and that's a long time to go without your best friend. We walked and talked and hung out on the pier. We got tea and a lemon square to share, and walked and talked some more. It felt like winter somehow. It wasn't necessarily freezing out, although it was cold, but the stillness of the air and the cool blue tones on the water and in the sky felt like winter to me. It was a simple night with great company. The best kind, in my opinion.

13 September 2013

the first week of school

 photo Collage_zps847510b7.jpg

Things that happened:

I got a cold.
I finally learned what passé participe is in French (it only took me thirteen years).
I slept a little.
And drank lots of tea with lemon and honey in it (because it's the best ever when you're sick).
I also already missed a class.
And had a test.

It was a decent week. It easily could have been better or worse, but it sort of just was.

How was your week?

08 September 2013

things i'm afraid of, things i'm looking forward to

So I started my very last year of high school last week. Uh, what?! I feel like I say this way too often, but really, where has the time gone? 

Things I'm afraid of:
Losing friendships after we're no longer forced into the same hallways and classrooms five days a week.
Feeling lost.
For once, not knowing where I'll be a year from now. 
Not becoming the person I'd like to be. 

Things I'm looking forward to: 
Finally seeing all of my hard work pay off.
More grad campouts. 
The freedom to come and go as I please and not having to worry about school.
A five week trip all around Europe next summer with three of my favourite school friends. 
Creating a life that doesn't revolve around school. 
The possibility that I can be anywhere a year from now. 

Oh, life. It'll be good. I know it will, but it's hard not to be afraid of the things I can't control.