30 November 2018

month in review | november

November was, once again, an incredibly beautiful month. Living on the west coast of Canada, it's rare that we have such beautiful, sunny days in the fall. This fall had very little rain and a whole lot of sunshine and you know damn well I took advantage of it while it was here!

Olive on neighbourhood watch duty.

The day after Remembrance Day is Christmas decorating day in my house!

Had to pull over on the side of the road to take a photo of this beauty!

A beautiful walk along Dallas Road one morning. I'm eternally grateful that I get to do this kind of thing while "working".

I made a pact with myself in November that I would get out to see the sunset every night that it wasn't overcast, so there are many sunset pictures to come! This one, I believe, is from Dallas Road.

I went hiking at Goldstream Provincial Park one Saturday morning. It was a glorious day. I've found myself gravitating outdoors more and more these days and I'm so glad.

Another sunset, this time at Island View Beach.

Olive invading my personal space, as always.

Island View Sunset.

Emma and Madi came over one night and we made homemade pizzas and watched a movie. A fun night with good friends!

A moment of peace under the Willow trees at Elk Lake after a rough day at work.

Watching the sunset with Maggie and Madi at Ogden Point Breakwater.

Sidney boardwalk on a beautiful, sunny morning.

This is the cat of one of the family's I nanny for. His name is Eli and I thought he looked cute sitting up there.

Breakfast to go, not an unusual occurrence for me!

Olive being as cute and needy as ever.

12 November 2018

the moon looks like a toenail

"I watched the sunset like a movie tonight. 
Just me, on the beach, on a log, the ocean to my back because the real show was opposite her. 
The moon looks like a toenail. 
I think that might be my favourite kind of moon phase. 
I watched the red and orange and dark grey clouds merge and meld into something so beautiful. 
I watched people from all walks of life stroll by. 
A sweet family, baby asleep in the carrier on her mama’s back, a little boy, who I can only presume is big brother, trailing behind and trying to climb down the rocks to the beach. 
A young couple, holding hands as one of their dogs, a golden retriever jaunts ahead of them and the other, an old mutt, happily lags behind. 
Folks greeting, “hello” with each person they pass, a quick connection between two strangers. 
Happy dogs, their warm breath visible in the air, running, playing, sniffing each other’s behinds. 
I keep forgetting that we’re nearing winter now, keep forgetting that the seasons are changing and temperatures are dropping. 
The cold seemed to have creeped in so suddenly. 
There’s a bite in the air now. 
Tonight I set out in only a sweater, nothing but a thin pair of leggings between me and the frozen log on which I sat.
Ears burning in the cold breeze, I made a mental note to pack gloves and a toque in my bag for next time. 
I stayed long past freezing because I just couldn’t peel myself away from the beautiful show happening before me."