29 March 2013

goodbye house, and goodbye mountain

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We're moving houses this weekend, so with that in mind, I've been collecting mountain shots like there's no tomorrow. This house may not have been my favourite, but this view was. So goodbye house, and goodbye mountain. I'll miss you muchly. 

24 March 2013

to seattle we went

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I just got home a couple of nights ago from a little road trip across the northwest of Washington with my grandma. We started out in Port Angeles and eventually made our way to Seattle, stopping in Sequim, Shelton, Olympia, Lacey, and Newcastle on the way. 

I think the moto for this little trip of ours should have been "you can't get lost if you don't know where you're going", because we spent many, many hours getting on and off of the interstate when we thought we'd made a mistake in our route. Nonetheless, it was an adventure. We stopped in random towns for shopping and food and a place to stay when we were tired of driving. We stayed in a $45 a night motel and ate at a tiny little diner with checkered floors and an old fashioned juke box. We adventured, and we had fun. And it was so, so good to spend some quality time with my favourite grandma.

Until next time, Seattle!

21 March 2013


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01. New phone!
02. Italian juice cookies in foods class.
03. A yellow sign and it's reflection.
04. Maggie's birthday.
05. Dinner with friends at Original Joe's.
06. Cupcake making with Maggie.
07. A sunny Saturday selfie.
08. English class selfie time with Keeta!
09. A freshly baked blueberry scone on a pretty plate.
10. Making homemade pasta in Foods class.
11. The finished product -- Fettuccine Alfredo. 
12. Homemade chocolate gelato. 
13. A black and white Kali-cat. 
14. A latergram of last weekend with Tanner. 

Getting this iPhone has been nothing but trouble for my instagram addiction... I'm hopeturcotte on instagram if you're interested in seeing what I eat and do and wear! ;)