30 September 2018

month in review | september

September began on a sad note with Madi moving out of the beloved Blossom Park Pad. Neither of us were really expecting it to be as emotional as it was, but we adjusted to our new lives as non-roommates pretty quickly. After weeks of crying over the smallest things, of course.

Found this old car for sale down some country road by my house while out on a drive and I loved it so much that I had to take a picture.

September brought with it cooler weather and rain, and I was so happy that fall was beginning!

Macarons from Bon Macaron Pattiserie and waiting for Maggie to get on lunch break!

We had the most stunning weather this fall. This is from a beautiful day on Dallas Road.

Foggy sunrises over the farm fields by my house is something I look forward to as fall comes around.

The cutest pineapple baby you ever did see!

More fall goodness.

I love the way the light reflects through our bathroom window as the sun rises and sets.

A beautiful, warm, sunny, end of September day down on Dallas Road. The water was so clear and vibrant that I had no choice but to jump in. A few days shy of October and here I was swimming in the Pacific. It was dang cold, but also super rejuvenating! 

Moody sunsets on Wallace Road.

The third annual Friendsgiving here at the Blossom Park Pad was the best yet. There was so much love in my little home that night and I was so happy to spend time with a bunch of my favourite people and share the food that I'd been slaving over all weekend prior.