31 December 2018

month in review | december

Whew, December was one busy, beautiful month!

It started with a super fun evening spent at the stunning Aurora Winter Festival downtown Vancouver. My parents and I met up with Madi and her parents for a night of food trucks, ferris wheel rides, tubing, and wandering through the stunning Christmas light displays. 

Finding peace and calm while watching the sunset at Sidney Pier. Watching the sunset has become one of my most favourite hobbies as of late. It never fails to bring peace to my soul.

A winter morning's sunrise and coffee to go!

Lots of Christmas baking went down in December. I decided to make homemade gingerbread houses for all of my friends to decorate at the Christmas party I was having later in the month. It was no easy feat, but they turned out pretty well! I also made Swedish Pepperkakor (my great grandma Eva's recipe), and Caramel Popcorn!

Realizing this more and more lately.

Tall Tina, our Christmas tree, fitting right in and one of my favourite ornaments!

A Hey Happy coffee date with Mags one evening.

Some snapshots from the previously mentioned Christmas Party I hosted this year! Another fun night with friends in the books!

A frosty, foggy morning commute to work.

Olive really loving life in her festive gear.

I took a stroll around the inner harbour one day while killing time before an event and it was so stunning all lit up for Christmas.

All cozied up under the Christmas tree. Olive and I slept out here on the couch the night before I left to Nanaimo for Christmas with the family. It was such a sweet moment with my fur baby.

Breakfast and coffee at Mosi on my way to run errands. A delicious Saturday treat!

The Butchart Gardens all lit up for Christmas. Our landlord gave Madi and I a couple of free passes and we really enjoyed ourselves, despite the rain.

Christmas light drive.

Christmas morning with Grandma and Al before the rest of the family started to trickle in.

My cute and cozy Christmas socks/slippers from Grandma.

My cousin Kasey moved to England last November and this was the first time we had seen each other since then. It was so nice to have her home! Also, I wonder when I'll be able to have a few drinks at family events without feeling like a kid doing something they're not supposed to?

Some of the fam!

And the whole fam! Uncle Brad, Me, Uncle Greg, Auntie Donna, Duncan, Mom, Auntie Jadine, Uncle Steve, Grandma, Quinn, Kasey, and Pete.

Christmas cousins!

Skating on the 27th with a good chunk of the fam, including family from the States that came down on Boxing Day.

All dolled up and ready for our first bachelorette party!

The beautiful bride to be, Cheyenne.

We took a limo to the harbour then got on a yacht for a 3 hour cruise around the harbour. It was a fun and wild night!

And last but not least, we welcomed the New Year with a small group of friends with a fire down at Island View Beach. Madi and I were both so beat from all the Christmas and pre-wedding festivities, so we took it easy New Year's Eve, and it was honestly such a beautiful start to 2019.