20 September 2017

summer '17 roundup


Sweet Adelaide's Baby Shower, and the start of our Tofino camping trip

Tofino camping, one of my favourite memories this summer

My sweet Olive, and a Mount Tolmie sunset


The beginning of my garden, and a Canada Day sunset swim at the lake

Standing on the sinking the log with friends on Canada Day

Madi's birthday trip to Squamish

The boat home, and my cozy Olive girl all cuddled up

Mount Tolmie shadows with friends, and harvesting my rainbow carrots

Olive has a hard time dealing with all our love for her

The Blossom Park Pad Fam


Our cute Airbnb in West Seattle

Overnight Seattle trip with Tanner

Green bean harvest, yellow were mine and the green were some our landlords gave us

The sunflower Madi planted from seed, and sweet sunset scenes

Cute little bug, and birthday wine while kayaking

Boat trip to Newcastle with some of the fam, and window seat views over the Pacific

Las Vegas trip with my Momma

San Bernardino Valley on our way to my sister's in California

Big Bear Lake boating day with Momma, Sabrina, and Alan

Cat nap on the back on the pontoon 

Sister, sister

A momma and her girls

Garden harvest upon my return home

Sweet nugget

Ferry to Vancouver and shadows in a clean house


Addy snuggles during a day of babysitting

The last beach trip of the summer with my fave girls and some drinks

Summer 2017 has been the best summer I've had in years. When I was thinking of writing this post, I felt like I didn't have much to share since I don't feel like I did much this summer, but looking back through photos like this, I realize how much I really have accomplished! 

It's been a sweet summer, filled with lots of good memories, a special reunion trip between me, my momma, and sister, and a lot of time spent in good company.

I'm beyond happy to be welcoming fall, as it's my favourite season, but I'll miss these sweet summer days as well!

Until next year, sunshine!

19 September 2017

summer in seattle

Back in end of July, Tanner and I decided to hop on the ferry and make a one night trip getaway to Seattle. We stayed at the cutest little Airbnb in West Seattle, and honestly took it pretty easy on our little trip.

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning after 2 hours of sleep and made our way to the ferry. Tanner paid for us to go in the Seawest Lounge, which I had never been in before, and it was such a fun experience! Free coffee, pastries, and fruit? I'm in! After a quick 2 hour boat ride, we drove through the border to the States and were on our way! 

It was my first time driving in the US, and I was a little nervous about the huge interstates, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. Minus the one incident where I turned down a "do not enter" exit, I think I managed Seattle driving pretty well.

When we first got into Seattle, we stopped in at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We just so happened to stumble in on National Cheesecake Day, so after lunch, we grabbed some cheesecake to go and got terribly lost for an hour before finally arriving at our Airbnb. 

We took some naps, showered, then made our way into the city for dinner and some wandering.

We watched the sunset from Kerry Park, where we witnessed a proposal, and stood in awe of the setting sun. I understand why it's such a popular sunset destination because it was absolutely glorious with the city skyline and Mount Rainier shining in the warm sunset glow. 

Later, after the sun set, we went up the Space Needle and saw the city lights sparkling against the dark night sky.

The next day we attempted to go to Pike Place, but we were tired and ready to get home and the parking costs were atrocious, so we snapped a couple shots before getting back on the interstate and making our way back to Canada.

It was the perfect little getaway. The more I visit Seattle, the more I fall in love with it. It's such a beautiful city and I'm so glad it's so close to home.