21 August 2014

a week with madi

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Madi and I spent just over a week together at the beginning of the month. Last summer, we spent no longer than a single weekend together, and it was a big part of why last summer sucked so much. Summer just isn't the same without your best friend, so I'm glad we got more time together this year.

The week was full of everything that summer should be-- exploring the UBC Botanical Gardens, sleeping on an air mattress under the stars, lounging on the hammocks, blowing bubbles, running through the sprinkler, hanging out on a dock (a summer tradition of ours), biking to the store for froyo, adventuring downtown Vancouver, and experiencing the most beautiful sunsets. All of those things put together made for the most glorious eight days of absolute perfection. 

The weather was beautiful and my heart was full. I sure do love that best friend of mine.

18 August 2014


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Oh, Dublin.

I went into the city twice on my own during my trip. The first time I was hoping to find the Dublin Castle, and the second, I was looking for a couple of places a friend had recommended for shopping. Both times though, I just got ridiculously lost and a little overwhelmed and ended up heading home soon after I had found the places I wanted to go. In all honesty, Dublin itself didn't appeal to me all that much. The people were super friendly, which was great when I asked for directions for the sixteenth time, but other than that, it's just really crowded and busy, and it didn't have much to offer that I hadn't experienced already in other places I've been. 

Regardless, no matter how stressful and overwhelming it can be, exploring a new city on my own is never anything short of incredible. Travelling with friends and family is amazing, but there's something special about being on your own in a place you've never been before. It's so refreshing when there's no agenda to follow and no other opinions on where to go next.

I found a Costa coffee right in Dublin's city center, and stopped in for a cold drink and a break from the busy sidewalks. I sat near the window and people watched a little while soaking up some free wifi, and it was nice to have a quiet moment to really take advantage of where I was and realize how lucky I was to be there. I'm so grateful that this trip was possible. I didn't know what to expect of Ireland, but I didn't think I'd fall in love with it as much as I have.

Until next time, Ireland!