14 December 2012

nostalgic for the right now



I'm feeling nostalgic right now. Not a very rare emotion for me, but powerful all the same. I'm feeling nostalgic for the places I've been and the people that I used to know. For the carefree days of summer and the way I felt last fall. For the adventures of my childhood and the cities that I used to live in. For the simplicity of the past, and for the right now, because someday the right now will be the past and I know that I'm going to miss being young and free and passionate about so many things. These are the good days, they say, the best time of your life. I couldn't agree more. 


  1. I'm feeling the same.. Oh, I can so relate!


  2. beautiful, Hope. so beautiful.


  3. I can relate to this so much! sometimes I miss what I'm doing right at this moment just because I know I'll miss it in a year from now. it makes embracing the moment and ENJOYING it so much harder. I don't know, you worded it beautifully. xx