09 August 2014

the coast of northern ireland

Northern Ireland is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the privilege of visiting. With breathtaking coastal views, the cutest little seaside towns, and such green bluffs and hills, it was the most incredible mix of what Ireland is best known for, but with a little bit of something unexpected thrown in there too.

We drove from Dublin up to Belfast bright and early one morning to go to the Belfast Titanic exhibit, to see how and where the famous Titanic was built. I was absolutely obsessed with Titanic when I was younger, so standing on the same grounds where the ship was built was pretty incredible. We did the guided tour of the drawing rooms and building, and it was such a good experience!

 photo IMG_3748_zpsddff7eec.jpg  photo IMG_3750_zps169c03aa.jpg  photo IMG_3729_zps2149a2b6.jpg  photo IMG_3738_zps6546c067.jpg  photo IMG_3741_zps39621e9f.jpg  photo IMG_3732_zps1fdab209.jpg  photo IMG_3730_zps10851f0f.jpg

After a few hours at Belfast Titanic, we got back in the car and drove another hour or two through the rolling green hills of Ireland's countryside, towards The Giant's Causeway, which we had planned to visit the next day. We drove along the coast for awhile, looking for a place to stay for the night and stopped to take pictures of a random castle on the side of the road. We ended up right outside the town of Portrush, where we stumbled upon the cutest little hotel with the most incredible views of the sea and cliffs from our hotel room's living room.

 photo IMG_3786_zpsc0b42c11.jpg  photo IMG_3790_zpsa9bc8068.jpg  photo IMG_3791_zps018cb51d.jpg  photo IMG_3802_zps72841e3a.jpg  photo IMG_3787_zps43c660a3.jpg  photo IMG_3792_zps4755a8bc.jpg  photo IMG_3803_zpsbe1176f8.jpg  photo IMG_3813_zps3cc3c967.jpg  photo IMG_3814_zps627f8d53.jpg  photo IMG_3818_zps6e9d9318.jpg  photo IMG_3804_zpsbe2c8568.jpg  photo IMG_3879_zpsd9aaebe7.jpg  photo IMG_3869_zpsdb84ec2c.jpg  photo IMG_3877_zps0d623edf.jpg  photo IMG_3873_zps362cf6b2.jpg  photo IMG_3876_zps542f6a4e.jpg

We drove into town later that night for some water and snacks, and ended up on a little beach where we bought some 99's and lied in the grass for almost an hour, eating our ice cream and taking silhouette pictures in front of the setting sun.

 photo IMG_3824_zps9ef26b8b.jpg  photo IMG_3849_zps3a099867.jpg  photo IMG_3846_zps90ab5f08.jpg  photo IMG_3861_zpsdf00a306.jpg

I fell asleep that night feeling more content than I have in a very, very long time, and feeling so grateful that I got to have this experience. I have no doubt that I'll be visiting the coast of Northern Ireland again someday. I think it may have pushed it's way to the top of my list of favourite places.

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