14 September 2012

new york

I've had this video put together and ready to share for awhile now, but just couldn't bring myself to put it out there because of all the memories and feelings that come flooding back every single time I press the play button. It all seems like a dream now. A wonderful, beautiful, adventurous dream. So now that I've accepted the fact that I'm back at home, I present to you, New York, in video form.

Music by The Weepies.

Until next time, New York. And there will be a next time.

xoxo - hope


  1. Hope--whatever the opposite of homesick is, you're making me feel it. Not quite Fernweh, just wanting to go back to a place you've been to before that isn't home.
    And for the record, in my drea,s, I'm getting a scholarship to university in America, and living in a nice flat in New York, and eating pretzels all day long, and you can come and visit me, okay?

  2. the airport/airplane shots are making my heart ache for Italy. also, those street performers are insane! love love love this.

  3. Lovely video! I am simply aching to go to New York. :)