27 June 2013

hello summer

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So it's summer now. Where oh where has this year gone? I feel like eleventh grade started just last week, but somehow, miraculously, it has already come to an end. At the beginning of the year I couldn't wait for the year to be over, but as we came closer and closer to the end, I never wanted it to end. The realization that next year is my very last year of high school is slightly overwhelming and frightening, but also extremely exciting. And this last summer of mine before real life starts? I'm going to make it count. Sleepovers with friends, concerts, camping, beach days, movie nights, you name it. It's gonna be a summer to remember. 


  1. I've been feeling the EXACT same way! I can't even comprehend how it's July almost and summer is halfway over! But it's been a great summer - and so has yours I think, based on your Instagram photos! :)
    Sending you a letter soon!!

  2. Love your photos! They are gorgeous! And I agree, summer has gotten here SO quickly this year. Hope you have a fantastic summer!