09 June 2013

that time we went camping

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Music by Phillip Phillips.

Sometime, about 8 million years ago now, we went on a little three day family camping trip. Madi tagged along because, well, let's face it, everything's more fun with your best friend in tow. It was an amazing few days of dirty faces, no showers, marshmallow and hotdog roasting, adventures on the quad, and late night fireside talks. We didn't have cell reception where we were, which was surprisingly nice, and we couldn't have cared less about what we looked like. We fell asleep to the sound of rain hitting our tent on the second night and nearly sunk our blow-up boat on the not-so-nice looking, lily-pad ridden lake when we rowed over a log and put a hole in it. Nonetheless, this weekend camping trip will always bring back happy memories. Camping trips always do, and this is hopefully the first of many to come this summer. 

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