10 July 2013

confessions continued

Continued from this.

31. Sometimes I think I live more in the past and future than I do in the present, and it scares me because I wonder what I'm going to think of this period of time when it is the past. 

32. I love school. It's hard and confusing and time consuming, but my friends and teachers are amazing and I find myself loving it more than hating it. 

33. This quote basically describes me: I have a thing about moments. I document everything, in not just pictures, but drawings and paintings as well. When something happens to me that makes me step back and think "wow", I need to make sure that I never forget it.

34. Speaking of quotes, I love quotes. I'm not a particularly talented writer and can't always put my thoughts into words the way that I'd like to, so I find quotes that I resonate with to explain my thoughts. 

35. I'm so excited to have kids. I'm only sixteen and already have a couple pieces of baby clothing just because they were too cute to resist.

36. I love when people tell me that I can't do something just so I can prove them wrong.

37. I'm in such a good place in my life right now. It makes me sad to think that other people may not be. 

38. I love when other people are nostalgic with me. When I talk about how quickly time passes or how old I'm getting, most of my friends will just roll their eyes and laugh, but a few of them feel the same way that I do. And that makes me happy.

39. I've never lived in a house for more than 3 years. Sometimes it bothers me because I wish I had a "childhood" house. Mostly though, I love that living in a bunch of different places has allowed me to meet the people I have and experience all that I have. 

40. I'm an extreme perfectionist. I used to write rough drafts for my journal because I knew that if I just winged it and wrote directly into it, I would end up not liking something I wrote and would want to rip the entire page out. 

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