17 November 2013

fall in photos

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Last month my writing class went on a field trip to Granville Island for the day. We went for a Writer's Festival, but it was basically just an excuse to take a ferry to Vancouver and wander Granville Island and the public market for a few hours. We had a good week or two of fog over the entire province, and it made for an interesting ferry ride and some good pictures.

My best friend came to visit this weekend. We haven't spent a decent amount of time together since June, and that's sort of a really long time. We spent a good part of the weekend adventuring, as we do, and went down to Pipers Lagoon on a beautiful, but freezing day.

Life lately has just been generally great. Work and school are manageable and there's rarely a day that I go straight home from school. Every day is something new and I love knowing that I'm not letting these days go to waste. I love my friends and our adventures, and I'm going to miss these days something fierce when they're gone.


  1. These are magnificent. 4 + 9 are my favorites! :)