31 October 2013


For not even going trick or treating, Halloween was an absolute blast this year. Being our last year and all, a few of my friends and I took dressing up for school very seriously. We went with a theme, because themes are always more fun, right? Julia was Eeyore, Kelleigh was Tigger, Maireid was Rabbit, I was Winnie the Pooh, Hannah was Piglet, and Calvin was Christopher Robin. The costumes turned out way better than we all anticipated and were such a hit at school! Celebrating holidays and big annual things at school has been so strange this year. Knowing that this was the last time that we'd all be dressing up together, and celebrating together, made it all a little nostalgic. We decorated the grade twelve hallway with streamers, posters, fake cobwebs, and little ghosts, and put little candies on everyone's locks this morning. We've been going all out for everything this year, and it's been really nice for my memory-making heart! I still can't believe that I'm almost two months into my last year of high school. I'm gonna miss these crazies once we've all gone our separate ways. I can't even imagine where we'll all be a year from now.

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