31 December 2013

a year in review {two thousand thirteen}

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Oh, 2013. What a year. 

I think I recreated my life this year. I made new friends and a new routine. I tried new things and stepped out of my comfort zone more than ever. I got a job, turned seventeen, and I experienced what it's like to have the majority of my closest friends move away all at once. I travelled, a lot, to places close to home and places far, far away. Seattle twice, California, Tofino, Germany, Austria, and even Hungary and Slovakia for a couple of minutes each. I hit highs and lows, I adventured, I said yes to things I never would've before. I started my last year of high school, and made time with friends a priority. I tested my boundaries, made some mistakes, and reevaluated and recreated myself based on what I wasn't happy with.

I did a lot this year. I changed a lot this year. I grew closer to some people and apart from others. I feel good about 2013. It could have been worse, it could have been better, but overall, it was what it was, and it was good.

I'm excited to see where 2014 takes me. For once in my life, I have no idea, not even an inkling of where I'll be a year from now. And that both excites and terrifies me. 

2014, let's do this. 


  1. I loved looking through the pictures.
    Taking chances and traveling was a huge part of my new year as well.
    I really respect that you accept 2013 as it was.
    Hope you have an amazing 2014!

  2. Wow. I didn't realize how much you actually traveled this year, but seeing it all written down is exciting. I'm SO happy that you got to do those things, go those places, and see those friends. I'm hoping to do more of that as well this year. <3