29 December 2013

winter in vienna

 photo IMG_2451_zps9de67007.jpg  photo IMG_2452_zps3a46c3b2.jpg  photo IMG_2466_zpsfe257910.jpg  photo IMG_2481_zpse04f62e0.jpg  photo IMG_2503_zps784f4d86.jpg  photo IMG_2510_zpsf7e71e41.jpg  photo IMG_2528_zpsd69b9016.jpg  photo IMG_2540_zpsbaa1fcd5.jpg  photo IMG_2551_zps42216b5f.jpg

Oh, Vienna. 

This place is enchanting in the winter. Lights hung throughout the streets, little Christmas markets on every corner, bustling sidewalks full of people, Christmas trees all throughout the city center, it's almost like a fairy tale with all of the ancient buildings as a backdrop. 

On my third day there, while Johanna was in school, I ventured into town on my own. Without the distraction of someone's company, I wandered and wandered and wandered (and maybe got a little lost), with no place to go and no place to be. At one point I sat down on a bench and just took everything in and felt so overwhelmed with gratitude that I was able to experience this beautiful place. 

That same day, once Johanna was done school, she made her way into town and we met up and went to the Christmas market pictured above. We pushed our way through the crowds, bought a cup of punsch, a sort of mulled wine, and found a table with a fire in the middle to keep warm. We drank our drinks and looked around and just talked and talked and talked. There was a lot of talking on this trip -- I guess it's for catching up on all those months that we don't get to see each other. 


  1. ohmygosh, i love your photos so much. the fourth and sixth shot are stellar!

  2. (Yes, I am going to comment on every post because I wasn't able to see the pics until now. ;))
    These posts make me jealous - every time. It sounds SO amazing...especially wandering around in a new place on your own.