17 August 2015

august adventures

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Madi and I got together last week for our annual summer adventure. Living in different cities, we try to make it a point each summer to spend a good chunk of time together doing fun summer things, and this summer's was a pretty great one. 

From Little Mountain, to Coombs, to surfing in Tofino, adventuring around Vancouver, spending the day at Playland, going out for dinner, and having my first legal drink, it was a pretty great week. There were a lot of little hiccups on this trip, and nothing turned out how we expected it to, but just being able to spend time together kind of triumphed all of that! 

My nineteenth birthday was also mixed in there somewhere, and although it was almost a week ago now, I'm still in full-on celebration mode, trying to do different things with different friends. I don't think I've ever celebrated a birthday as much as I've celebrated this one, but hey, I'm not complaining!

This summer has been a really great mix of a whole lot of work, but also a whole lot of adventures, and I'm pretty happy with how it's going. I leave for Europe at the end of the week- I'll be flying into Germany, where I'll meet up with one of my friends, then we're taking the train together to Austria, where we'll meet up with a few others. I haven't seen some of my German friends for nearly two years, so I'm pretty excited for our little reunion! 

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