25 January 2013

just happiness v.vii


- Coffee dates, or more accurately, London Fog dates, and dinner and good conversations with some of my closest friends last Friday night.
- Buying 9 new books over the course of 10 days.
- Blue skies in the morning.
- Dreaming, wishing, and planning for the future.
- Having the 2nd highest grade in my math class.
- Nights in with one of my best friends, making homemade chili cheese fries and carrot cake.
- The crate of mangoes that my parents came home with after grocery shopping.
- Reading breaks from the inane amount of studying that has to be done this weekend.
- Going to bed at 7:30 pm last night (exams do this to me). 
- Tonight's almost-full moon.

What's on your list of happiness lately? 


  1. Ok, so the first, second, fourth, and eighth one sounds exactly like what I've been doing! :) And congrats on your math grade!! I'm hoping to do that this semester. :)

  2. The photo is absolutely beautiful - the warmness of it is soothing!

    You've got lots of happy going on over there - so glad you can put it here to remember :0)

    Have a good weekend!

  3. My list of happiness?
    - drinking GALLONS of hot tea over the past few days
    - getting some drawing time in
    - the post office *wink wink*

    Have a fabulous weekend, friend!

  4. What a LOVELY list of happiness! :)