06 March 2013

a run with the ducks

 photo IMG_6325_zps7c4f93ec.jpg  photo IMG_6326_zpsb7e77682.jpg  photo IMG_6327_zps43dc8558.jpg  photo IMG_6328_zps397b8ba4.jpg  photo IMG_6329_zps60fc5ff4.jpg  photo IMG_6330_zps192b414a.jpg  photo IMG_6331_zps1888e6f3.jpg  photo IMG_6332_zps0432ea8f.jpg  photo IMG_6333_zps987bb856.jpg  photo IMG_6335_zps42e7a9f4.jpg  photo IMG_6334_zpsfae1fe15.jpg

Just some Friday night fun a few weeks ago. These spontaneous little walks through the forest are my favourite. 


  1. I love these captures!! She looks adorable and I just love how it was all captured :D

  2. I love how the pictures start with her in the foreground, and how she gets farther and farther away with every picture. It really tells a story. :)