21 March 2013


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01. New phone!
02. Italian juice cookies in foods class.
03. A yellow sign and it's reflection.
04. Maggie's birthday.
05. Dinner with friends at Original Joe's.
06. Cupcake making with Maggie.
07. A sunny Saturday selfie.
08. English class selfie time with Keeta!
09. A freshly baked blueberry scone on a pretty plate.
10. Making homemade pasta in Foods class.
11. The finished product -- Fettuccine Alfredo. 
12. Homemade chocolate gelato. 
13. A black and white Kali-cat. 
14. A latergram of last weekend with Tanner. 

Getting this iPhone has been nothing but trouble for my instagram addiction... I'm hopeturcotte on instagram if you're interested in seeing what I eat and do and wear! ;)

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  1. gotta love instagram. ;) and lucky you getting a new phone!