22 May 2013

the time me and my germans (and the austrian) went for coffee

 photo IMG_8040_zpsf062581b.jpg  photo IMG_8041_zpsb4709526.jpg  photo IMG_8043_zps1585416b.jpg  photo IMG_8048_zps07f2b1a1.jpg  photo IMG_8051_zps830bfd19.jpg  photo f4b3a0d2-09fd-4cd3-8f37-61918d1182c7_zpse5dc1689.jpg

My Germans leave for home in just over a month, and I'm already heartbroken just thinking about it. These girls have taught me so much in these past few months and I feel so grateful to have grown so close to them all. We went for coffee on a chilly spring day and played volleyball down in the park. Every single day is a blast with these girls, and this day was no exception.

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