12 May 2013


 photo IMG_7933_zps8f36181b.jpg

She was an average girl from an average family in an average town. She wasn't ugly and she wasn't pretty. She wasn't stupid and she wasn't smart. She wasn't unordinary and she wasn't extraordinary. She was just average. Just ordinary. She was one of many. Going through the same rhythmic pattern of life -- sleep, eat, study, sleep, eat, study -- until one day, she decided that ordinary wasn't good enough. She decided that she wanted her life to be different, that she didn't want to settle for average. She wanted to be different. She wanted to be happy, with lots of wonderful friends and adventures. She wanted to live a life that was nice to look back on. One with memories, stories, and good times. And average wasn't doing that for her. So she said yes. To hanging out with friends, to hikes with family, to trips, to adventures, and to opportunities. She said yes after spending her entire life saying no. And how good that yes felt on her average lips.


  1. Beautiful photo to match your beautiful words.

    Exquisite :)

  2. I. love. this. Wow.