04 May 2013

to the fair

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From left to right: Mauwa, Maggie, Raphaela, Amelie, Maren, Johanna, Tanner, and Me.
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The spring fair came to town last weekend, so since we're limited to about two fun things to do in this town (eating being one of them), a bunch of us decided to go. The night before I almost backed out because fairs are pretty dang expensive around here and I really didn't want to waste so much money on one day, but I am so, so glad I went. These people make my heart so happy, and we had such a good time that it was well worth the money. It always is in the end, isn't it?

PS- I didn't want to bring my big camera because, well, ya know, rides and all, so all of these were shot with my iPhone. What a handy little thing!

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  1. Wow, I couldn't even tell that these were taken on a phone! They're awesome photos! :)