08 October 2013

it's fall now

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It's fall now. The transition from summer to fall is always strange to me, no matter how many times I live through it. One day you're laying in bed mid-morning, the window wide open, warm air and hazy sunlight filling the room, and the next, your alarm is going off at seven in the morning, and you're heading to school, hiding your face from the brisk wind, a warm mug of tea in hand. It seems to happen so suddenly. From sunshine and warmth to rain and cold. If the feeling of nostalgia could be put into a season, to me, it would be fall. There's something special about the way you feel in the fall, and I'm happy that it's here. 


  1. I'm totally with you ... fall is wonderfully amazing, to me! It's my very favorite!

    Beautiful photos to go along with this post!

  2. ahh I just absolutely love fall! It is so true that there is something special about the way you feel in fall, It think it is just pure happiness, I love everything about it!