03 October 2013


Last month I flew to Germany on my own to stay with people that I met less than eight months ago. When I phrase it like that, it sounds insane, but when I think of all that has happened in these past eight months and the friendships that have grown so incredibly strong since then, strong enough to fly halfway across the world for five days to see each other again, I can't help but feel so grateful and blessed. These friendships are the absolute definition of bittersweet, but I am so, so thankful for them and the opportunities and adventures that they bring. 

This is Munich, or MΓΌnchen, as it's called by the Germans, and it's a dream. I tried to describe it to a friend, but cobblestone paths, the most beautiful buildings, and an awesome vibe just doesn't do this place justice. I had the time of my life in the five days I spent there with my favourite people.

I've tried and tried again to write about my time and experiences there, but I keep coming up short. There just aren't any words for what we did, how I felt, and what it was like, except for those scrawled across several pages in my journal. Maybe one day I'll find the right words to share, but for now, I'm okay with those memories being just mine.

 photo 2_zpsb78d0e78.jpg  photo IMG_0643_zpse1dcdfef.jpg  photo 4_zps3f0b0a25.jpg  photo IMG_0516_zps06b45deb.jpg  photo IMG_0522_zps2e95ad6b.jpg  photo 3_zps6c0a99d8.jpg  photo IMG_0576_zps52bb2559.jpg  photo IMG_0603_zps1ea804a8.jpg  photo IMG_0604_zpsd9e0775a.jpg  photo 1_zpsfbd944d5.jpg  photo IMG_0615_zpse569604f.jpg  photo IMG_0616_zpsf20fbef5.jpg  photo IMG_0622_zps302c7684.jpg  photo IMG_0625_zps0afe132f.jpg  photo IMG_0627_zpsc63a462a.jpg  photo IMG_0628_zpscd5c3927.jpg  photo IMG_0631_zps33e8811a.jpg  photo IMG_0648_zps4b007e49.jpg  photo IMG_0652_zps98629c3a.jpg  photo 5_zps75963cf9.jpg  photo IMG_0671_zpsf0994cc3.jpg  photo IMG_0669_zps9b084fe9.jpg  photo IMG_0681_zps0d584977.jpg  photo IMG_0683_zpsa35e6099.jpg


  1. gosh. so stinking cool! i'm so glad you got to go, Hope! :) (i'm totally jealous ;) )