28 January 2014


These days are fleeting. That's what I'm learning. They're limited, coming to an end. This time, this era, my life, the way it has been for the last seventeen years, it's changing. Everything I've ever known is slowly fading out of sight. The things I'm doing, the people I'm with, the life I'm living, it's so different than what it ever used to be. Different, but not bad. It's strange, really. It all happens slowly. One thing changes, two things change, three things change. Daily, nothing seems any different, but then you look back and realize that everything has changed.

Inspired by Kinga, and her most recent posts, I'm going to start working my way through my drafts folder and publish little bits and pieces of writing that I never thought this blog had a place for. This is the first, something I wrote in December regarding school, senior year, graduation, and all of the changes that come with it. 

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  1. It feels kind of good, doesn't it? Realizing that things you worked on and wrote are worth sharing after all, more complete or more good than you thought they were at the time. For me it's kind of like having more self-confidence in my past self than my current one, though it's finally starting to balance out.