07 February 2014

corbinisms {take three}

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Corbin, right before jumping into my arms one time: I want to swing right to you heart. 
Then once he landed in my arms: Did I get your heart? 

Corbin: I just seriously gotta kinda grow up. 

In the summer, Corbin picked a raspberry from our bush and gave it to my mom and said "because you're my first love".

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Corbin: I love you a million billion million!
Me: Well I love you a million billion million times 3!
Corbin: Uh, well I love you the most. 

Corbin: That made my heart feel happy. 

"Isn't that weird? Hercules has the same strong muscles as me!"

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Corbin: I'm gonna sit near you because I love you. 

My mom: I got 20$ in my pocket. 
Corbin: I know that song! It's called "I'm gonna pop some tags".

"Maybe when I'm a boy adult, I'll be able to swim."

And my personal favourite: "I think I'm getting to like you, Daughter Hopie."

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