10 March 2014

little things, big things

1: Name
 Hope Kathleen Turcotte.
2: Age
 Seventeen years and seven months.
3: Three fears
 Dying before I have the chance to live, never being in love, and becoming something I can't control.
4: Three things I love
 The ocean, the way I feel on nights like this, and the beauty of memories.
5: Four turn ons
 Kindness, a good sense of humour, vulnerability, and a sweet smile.
6: Four turn offs
 Rudity, no sense of adventure, vanity, and profanity.
7: My best friends
 There are three. The first, the oldest and longest friendship I've ever had. There isn't a single thing I have to shield from Madi, and no matter where life takes us, it will never take us away from each other. The second, my international best friend. Johanna lives in Austria, and even though we may go months or years without seeing each other, the things that this girl taught me about life are evident in my every day. And the third, last but not last, is a new one. I can't even remember what life was like before Kelsie, and in the short time since we've become friends, she's changed my perpestive and opened my eyes to so many new things that have helped me to grow as a person.
8: My best first date
 Hasn't happened yet. Maybe one day.
9: How tall
 Somewhere around 5'3.5". That ".5" is really important.
10: What do I miss
 What don't I miss would be a much easier question to answer. I miss the way I feel in the fall, I miss all the people that I never get to see, and all of the places I've ever been. I miss the sun and the snow simultaneously, and even though it's not even over yet, I miss grad year more than anything.


  1. Ugh. This is so good. Especially number 10 because that's exactly how I would answer it too. :)

  2. Did you take all the photos in your banner? I love the style. Interesting list, I completely agree with turn on and turn offs. Profanity is used way too much.

    I am loving your space so you have a new follower on bloglovin and blogger now!

    1. Yes, I did! Thank you for the follow! :)

  3. This is a really awesome idea! I love your answers to 3 and 10.