03 March 2014

on the mountain

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We had Monday and Tuesday off of school last week, so a couple of friends and I decided to take advantage of the amount of snow we've gotten recently and headed up the mountain Monday for some skiing. I brought my camera with me with full intentions of bringing it down a run or two, but after the first couple of runs and multiple rough falls, I decided against risking my camera's life for some nice pictures. 

This was my first time skiing in four years, and man oh man, did I ever feel it! The conditions were prime, but my skills? Not so much. Despite the falls and a minor case of whiplash, I had such a good time! There's something so freeing in skiing. Bundling up in layers upon layers, lunch and hot chocolate in the lodge, a little bit of rest between runs on the chairlifts, the feeling of adrenaline as you rip down the hill, it's all so good.

We started to make plans to go up again the night we got home, and I really hope we do!

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