03 April 2014

little things, big things, part three

21: Eye colour
When I was little, they were green. Without sounding too pretentious, they now appear gold. After countless hours of googling eye colours, I believe they're called "amber".

22: Hair colour
Medium brown at the top, light, golden brown near the bottom? People sometimes ask if I have ombre hair. Nope, just really, reeeeally grown out roots.

23: Ever done a prank call
Yes! That was the most rebellious thing we could think of at age twelve.

24: Favourite movie
My long-time favourite is a film called Andre, which is about a seal. A new-found favourite is About Time. Seriously, SO good.

25: Favourite song
I'm not a huge fan of this whole "favourite" thing. Why choose one thing when you can enjoy them all? Having said that, a few of my favourites are "A Perfect World" by The Sam Chase, and "Counting Stars" by One Republic.

26: How I feel right now
"Goodish" probably answers that best. Things are turning out to be alright, but everything's still pretty messy at the moment. 

27: Someone I love
My mom. Moms always win, right?

28: My current relationship status
Plz no.

29: My relationship with my parents
I think I have a good relationship with my mom. It's not the same as it used to be, but I can trust her with anything. My relationship with my biological dad is non-existent, and my step-dad and I just kind of coexist.

30: Favourite holiday
Does any other holiday even stand a chance against Christmas? 

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