15 April 2014

today i feel like fall

March 30th, 2014

I feel like fall today, even though it's starting to feel like spring outside. I always think how strange it is to feel like a season, but today, fall is the only emotion that makes any sense at all. In Lit class on Friday, we were reading some of Shakespeare's sonnets and Mrs. Lestrange was telling us how fall is often used to describe the decline of life. Then Maggie texted me with the revelation that it's not called fall because of the leaves that leave their branches, but rather because it's the decline of the year. Strangely, despite it being used to signify the end of life, fall is beautiful. So maybe feeling like this isn't so bad after all.

I wrote the above words sometime last month, fully intending to post them, but deciding against it at the last minute because they don't make much sense at all. Then today, today I feel like fall again. And I thought about these words and wondered if I'd saved them somewhere and it turns out that I did, so I'm posting them now. Not because they'll make any sense to you, but because they make all the sense to me. 


  1. This was beautifull written, I totally understand what it's like to feel a season. I'd say I'm definitely feeling summer right now..excited. Love your blog & so glad i've found it. I'm following you now & can't wait to see more :)

    x leah symonne x


  2. Lovely.


  3. This is really well written and I think I might kind of understand. Though for me it's more being afraid that I'll end up feeling like fall after the next few months are over - feeling like my life is declining because of all the things that will be changing and the people who will be leaving and moving on while I have to stay behind, still.
    (Also, your letter? I'm sending it tomorrow. Finally. Pinky promise. I'm so sorry it's taken this freaking long).