05 May 2014

vancouver with madi

"We were still figuring out how to be in each other's lives without being everything to each other."

I found the above quote in a book I was reading a couple of weeks ago and sent it to Madi immediately because it resonated with our friendship in the last few months so, so well.

For the longest time, we were all each other had. Since we both moved around every couple of years and constantly had to make new friends, it was nice to have each other when we had nobody else. We haven't lived in the same place since sixth grade, but our long-distance friendship has been stronger than any I've had with people living in the same place as me. 

Before tenth grade, both of us moved again, and this time, stayed. We became close to new people, and further apart from each other, and it was sad and confusing because we didn't really know what had happened. Really, we were just trying to figure out how to be in each other's lives without being each other's only friends, and it was weird. But I think we've got it figured out now. We met up in Vancouver last month for Easter weekend to spend the long weekend with her parents, and it was so good to see each other again after five months apart. I'm pretty sure that's the longest we've ever been apart in our almost eight years of friendship, and it was sad!

We managed to sqeeze a lot into our five days on the mainland. Meeting Tom Felton at FanExpo and taking a day trip to Seattle were two of the highlights, but hanging out downtown Vancouver and cooking our first turkey dinner together was pretty good, too. 

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I'm so grateful for Madi and our friendship. It's really refreshing when you don't have to hide anything from someone and can be one hundred percent yourself. Whatever happens in my life, I know I won't be without Madi for long. It's just nice to know that some things never change. 


  1. Ok, yep, so I'm going to Vancouver + Seattle someday because holy moly - SO beautiful! :)