15 May 2014

travel is

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Travel is more than just the seeing of the sights. It's more than a plane ride to a new place. It's the experience you have, the photos you take, the words you write, and the things you feel while doing it.

It's drinking mulled wine around a fire in the heart of Vienna, or sitting on Santa Monica beaches for hours upon hours. It's singing and dancing with complete strangers at Oktoberfest and all different nationalities coming together in one place to mutually enjoy themselves. It's the best dinner you've had at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Old Town Rhodes, or eating street vendor dinners on a bench in New York. It's walking the cobblestone streets of the market in England, or searching for shells and rocks in the shores of Cretes best beaches for hours on end. It's hiking to the top of an old ruin in a small town in Austria, or driving to Hungary and Slovakia for no reason at all at ten o'clock on a Tuesday night. 

Travel is more than just the seeing of the sights. Travel is what you make of it. 

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