17 December 2014

a festive little victoria trip

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I drove down to Victoria last week for a festive little visit with my very favourite human. We've been trying to plan a visit ever since I first got my license, but with both of us working full time, our schedules just never coordinated long enough to make it worth the drive. Until last week! And man, oh man, am I glad it finally worked out, because those three days were probably some of the best and most memorable days we've ever spent together. 

We went downtown for froyo and a peek at the Christmas lights around the city on my first night there, then I was bribed out of bed the next morning with fresh, warm, home-made cinnamon waffles. We went shopping, did loads and loads of Christmas baking, decorated a gingerbread house, exchanged gifts, and knitted while watching TV like the little old ladies we really are. 

It was an extremely festive trip, and it really got me into the Christmas spirit this year! I can't believe how quickly Christmas is creeping up on us, but I sure am excited! Especially with some time off for a visit with my parents in Vancouver and another visit with Madi at the end of the month!

This season is so good. 

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