01 December 2014

farewell november

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November was a busy, busy month. I used to romanticize being busy when I was younger. I think it made me feel grown up to say that I've been busy, which is funny to me now, because if there's anything I've learned this month, it's that there's nothing romantic about it.

I started a second job at the beginning of the month. Two new jobs within a week of each other and more than forty hours a week is a sure way to keep someone on their toes. It's been mostly good, surprisingly. I didn't feel overwhelmed or overworked or too tired at all until yesterday when it all hit me like a ton of bricks, which resulted in a pretty shitty day.

Also at the beginning of the month, my entire family made their way down to Victoria for my cousin's wedding, and it was such a beautiful day. And since I was in the area for the weekend, I got to spend some time with my best friend, which was well-needed. We went out for dinner on the first night there, soaked in the hot tub, went for little walks in the country, collected farm-fresh eggs for breakfast, and had a little bit of a movie day. As I get older, I appreciate time with the people I love so much more, and time with Madi is always time well spent! 

I also managed to pass my road test this month, which means I'm one step closer to getting my full license, and can now drive on my own without anyone else in the car. Me and my little Honda Civic have been ripping around town like it's nobody's business, and I've gotta say, the freedom that comes with having your own car and your license is a dream. Being able to drive around whenever I want has resulted in a lot more time with friends and so many more spontaneous adventures! 

I'm hoping for a little bit of a slower month in December, with just a little more time to breathe. I'm really looking forward to the holiday season this year. I started listening to Christmas music the first day of November, and even more so now that one of our local radio stations plays nothing but Christmas music 24/7. 

Here's to the wild, but unforgettable month that was November, and here's to the last month of this whirlwind of a year!  

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