24 October 2011

life can suck

I'm not the kind of person to complain about meaningless things such as fights with friends or a bad grade on a test because I know those things will blow over and I know that everything will be better soon. However, my grandma had a stroke yesterday and I guess you could say that I'm upset. 

First off, she's fine. She's at home safe and sound with my favourite auntie who will no doubt take very, very good care of her, but I'm still left shocked and saddened. Wasn't it just over a year ago when she was in the hospital for a quintuple bi-pass open heart surgery? 

The thing that hurts me most is that she does not deserve this whatsoever! She eats properly, exercises regularly and is the healthiest woman I know, so why do things like this keep happening to her? Between losing her husband to cancer, having a quintuple pi-pass open heart surgery, and a stroke, hasn't she had enough!? And even worse is that she'll beat herself up over it because she feels like she hasn't done enough to keep healthy and stay fit. 

I just hope that these kind of things would stop happening to our family, because honestly, it's really starting to stress not only me, but everyone else out, and it can suck, but such is life and we'll move on.



  1. I hope your grandmother continues to heal and be well.

  2. Life does suck. I will be praying for your grandmother.

  3. Hope, praying for you today!! I hope everything's OK.

  4. That does suck.
    I really hope your grandma recovers and although this probably doesn't make things better right now, at least she is healthy and so she has lead a fulfilled life and she will recover quicker.

  5. Just think positive! God has a purpose for everything, and things will get worse before they get better!

  6. Aweh, glad to hear shes doing alright! She shouldn't beat herself up over this, she is so nice practically my second Grandma! I hope you are doing better and you can ALWAYS call me or email, message etc. <3