07 December 2011

busy, busy, busy

 It's December the 7th, and there are 8 days left until my winter vacation. Life, in these past few weeks, has been crazy, and now, in these past few days, even more so. I've been spending the majority of my time doing homework, preparing for exams, working, and sleeping, which unfortunately, leaves very little time to photograph or blog. In fact, except for my little photoshoot with the boys on Sunday, and getting out my camera to take some pictures of our Christmas tree (those are coming soon) and some muffins I made last Wednesday, my camera has had a nice, relaxing break for these past two weeks.

Between being behind in schoolwork, spending the majority of my free time working, and looking at new places to live, I'm beginning to get a little stressed out. But, during this holiday season I can't help to be thankful, and even if times are hard, I am still happy and grateful that I am in a much better place then I was just over two weeks ago.

I'll hopefully be back to shooting soon, and although I can't make any promises, I'll try my best to have some new pictures in my next post! :) 

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely holiday season! Tell me, what have you been up to?

xoxo - hope


  1. I completely understand! It seems like just when the season where you think you have lots to blog about and photograph comes around, that's when you have the least amount of time. :)

  2. I'll pray for you that you don't get too stressed out- cause that's no fun. <3<3

  3. Similar things are happening over around these parts! I hope you get some time for yourself soon!