13 January 2012

fifteen things

01// It's Friday, and since I absolutely, positively live for the weekend, I'm a happy girl right now!

02// I feel bad about the lack of effort I've been putting into my posts lately, but dude! I'm busy! My friend posted something on her twitter that said "good grades, sleep, social life: pick two". I tend to pick sleep & social life over school, which is evident in my math grade of 68%.

03// Speaking of math, I have two exams in the next two weeks! One of them is a class exam that consists of the past three chapters we've learned, and the other is a provincial exam! Jeesh! 

04// It's January 13th and we have yet to have our first real snow fall here in western BC! Are we sure I'm in Canada?

05// I've barely picked up my camera at all in these past two weeks. This makes me sad.

06// I'm babysitting until 3 AM tonight. Yes. 3 AM! 

07// I'm starting to get used to this no braces thing, and I'm slowly but surely learning how to smile again! ;)

08// I woke up at 7 AM this morning, and since I'm tired and my brain isn't working properly, let's just say that my "fifteen things" are concluded! ;)

What have you been up to?

xoxo - hope


  1. I love how we both did fifteen things posts on the same day. I didn't even see yours when I did mine. I guess great minds think alike ;)

  2. To be honest, I actually stole your idea after reading your post ;) But since I fail, I ended up with only 8 things ;D