06 May 2012

the calm before the storm

Sundays are always a weird mix of dread and delight. They are calm, lazy days spent in pyjama's, on the computer, or curled up in bed reading a good book. Unfortunately, they are also the time to prepare for the week, finish all the homework you said you'd do on Friday, and get yourself ready for routine again.


I can't decide whether Sundays are more dreadful than delightful, but I do enjoy that sense of calm before the storm. 


This week holds nothing particularly special. School, obviously, maybe a trip or two to the beach, and hopefully a little adventuring, photo taking, and warm weather.

Is there anything special that you're looking forward to this week? 

xoxo - hope


  1. "finish all the homework you said you'd do on Friday" pretty much described my Sunday afternoons :)
    hmm, can we trade weeks? I started my Saturday morning with an SAT subject test and now I have two AP exams to get through this week. but I guess I'm looking forward to getting Starbucks tomorrow morning to get me through my first test! I heard they have a new frappuccino flavor. :)
    that last picture is so pretty!

  2. Let me openly agree with Mary Ann above - with the homework! I say that every single weekend, thank goodness I am done with the semester this coming week! Your photos are beautiful, by the way!