25 May 2012

question & answers vlog

A few notes:

1. This was probably attempt number 30 at recording this vlog and I still managed to make it awkward. I'm an awkward person, okay?

2. It was a Tuesday and I just got home from school which explains my hair.

3. It looks like I'm hacking my eyeball out at one point but I assure you I'm not.

4. I have a lisp and apparently talk without showing my teeth? Yep, I'm a derp.

5. I couldn't find the "little swede type uhm gladiator type sandal things with uhm like little brass button type thingies on them", so you're gonna have to go without!

xoxo -  hope


  1. Hope! It's so nice to meet you in vlog form! I'm going to write this comment while I watch the video so it might get a little spastic.

    dude. your lens cap made an epic echo-y sound.

    I love TSwizz :)

    and mini computers! they are super cute. does yours have a name?

    17,000?! and I thought I was crazy. I got to 10,000 photos stored in Lightroom but I had a very productive few hours last weekenc and deleted almost 3,000.

    hahaha! so far only one person has been brave enough to answer my weird face question. so it's okay. but someday I will do a vlog and show you my wackiest face.

    you're pretttyyy. :)

    1. My computers name is Hal ;) and do a vlog so I can meet you in vlog form! ;) and thank you, your spastic comment made my night! :)

  2. You are cute. Your hair is cute. I like the way you framed the vlog. :)

  3. OMG YOU ARE SO CUTE. And pretty. And funny. :D

  4. you are so cute! i loved the vlog :) you should def do more! :)

  5. I am in love with your vlog! You're quite fantastic just the way you are! And I thought it was hilarious that you said you'd save the silly face "for next time ... or never"! I'd absolutely enjoy watching another vlog, and am sad that I missed out on asking some questions. Let me come up with a few ... what are your dreams for the future (for yourself)? favorite vacation spot? favorite piece of advice you've ever received?

  6. Aweh my best friend is so awkward ;) do more!

  7. So, yep, I laughed out loud several times! Especially the last part - "I'll save that for next time...or never." Anyways, you're so pretty and I love this and I wish I would have asked some questions. I must have missed that! :)

  8. haha i sound like such a creep asking you a bajillion questions! ahh! i love vlogs! and your hair! i wish my hair looked that good when i put it in a top knot. ;)

  9. hahaha awkward... you should see me. I'm a little scared to film my vlog. hah! you're awesome, btw.