22 February 2013

it goes like this

 photo IMG_6283_zps41dce9d0.jpg

A group message is sent and plans are made to meet at our favourite coffee shop. When we get there, we ditch our coats and have a seat, our cheeks quickly warming as we escape the cold that is winter in BC. We walk up to the counter one by one. The cute boy behind it asks us what we'd like and without missing a beat, all four of us respond with, "A London Fog, please". Then we sit. We sip our drinks and dip our over-sized cookies. We talk and laugh and sometimes cry. Then we go for dinner-- the fun extending for another few hours as we sit around a big table and talk and laugh and sometimes cry some more. At the end of the night, we say our goodbyes. We hug and exchange see-you-at-school's and go our separate ways.

I've never known what the others were thinking, but I've found myself wondering every once in awhile if anyone has written about the four girls who meet monthly for hot drinks and dinner. And if they have, what would they have written?


  1. this is so beautiful Hope! :)

  2. beautiful. i love these posts, because they are so simple and real life. i love that. :)

  3. love this, Hope. :) that picture has such a quiet, simple-life beauty about it. :) xo

  4. beautiful! love this picture. so peaceful and pretty. :)