12 February 2013

defining beauty


I've been thinking about writing a post like this for some time now, and even had one all written up and edited to perfection only to press "control z" and have the whole thing erased. I was angry and frustrated because the post that I worked so hard on was gone and I didn't feel like sitting down to try and remember what it is that I had written. But the thing is, what I wrote about is important. And while I may have felt like my words were spoken, I was the only one who heard them. So here goes. Round two:

There are so many young people these days that constantly feel as if they have to compare themselves to others. So many girls who think that they aren't pretty enough or skinny enough or smart enough or funny enough or just enough. And that's a problem. 

We all look into the mirror sometimes and aren't satisfied with what we see. We all have those moments of insecurity, those battles within ourselves of whether or not we fit the criteria for beauty, and those moments of insecurity are okay. We're not all going to feel our best 24/7 and we're not going to stop comparing ourselves to others. But when those moments of insecurity outweigh those moments of confidence, well, that becomes a problem. The things is, beauty isn't everything. Not all of us are going to be 5'8" with straight blonde hair and blue eyes the colour of the ocean. Not all of us are going to weigh 120 pounds and have clear skin and perfect eyebrows. Not all of us can be the most stylish or funniest or prettiest or smartest. But we can be ourselves, and I think that's far more important than any title we can be given. You can be you. You can find your strengths and weaknesses and own them.

I guess the important thing that we all have to remember is that the definition of beauty is different for everyone. It isn't what the dictionary tells you. It isn't what your mom or teacher or best friend tells you. It's not so much about what you see, but how you feel and act and communicate. It's far more about what's on the inside than the out. It's just hard to remember that sometimes. 


  1. Thank you for the reminder. I think all girls need to hear this at some point in their lives. :) Beautiful post.


  2. I love the last sentence so much. "It's just hard to remember that sometimes." So. True. :)

  3. Yes! It's hard to remember sometimes what really matters. I feel it's especially hard for me when I'm at school. When I'm at home I'm more comfortable and more in my element and I am more happy with myself, whereas at school it's easier to get sucked into comparing myself to everyone else (especially if I'm in a bad mood to begin with).